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Understanding with Compassion
Joni james Aldrich
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“The last weeks of Gordon’s life were spent with someone I barely knew and didn’t know how to approach. It took me two years of counseling to get through the scars. It didn’t have to be that way for me. And it certainly doesn’t have to be that way for you.”
–Joni Aldrich
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Praise for Understanding with Compassion:

“Joni Aldrich captures the journey alongside brain illness with an expertise unparalleled by anyone except one who has experienced it firsthand. This book embodies exactly what the title says—compassion and help for loved ones and care recipients of brain illness. It is filled with wonderfully personal and relevant stories providing the reader with an understanding and methods to help with the various aspects of these diseases, giving clarity to the practical clinical aspects and providing insights into this often-frightening process. Woven throughout the book is a basic thread of understanding that an individual with a brain illness is ‘still a very real, perceptive, and sensitive person.’ My recommendation is for everyone who has a loved one or cares for someone with a brain illness to read this book. It will certainly be one we will be making available to everyone at FirstLight HomeCare.”
~Gina Kaurich, RN, MBA, Executive Director of Client Care Services, FirstLight HomeCare Franchising, LLC

“I wish I’d had Understanding with Compassion during my mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Joni and Neysa’s book looks at brain disease in a logical, thought-provoking, and loving way. I felt like I was talking with a friend who decided to educate me, hold my hand when I became desperate, and offer me advice when I didn’t know where to turn. It brought me solace to know that the emotions we felt were the same emotions felt by others. We adored my mother and respected her throughout the ordeal. This book doesn’t let us lose sight of the fact that the person we love is still inside. Thank you, Joni, for loving your husband and yourself enough to do this for all of us.”
~Ellen Brazer, Author of Clouds Across the Sun

“I have had Joni Aldrich on my radio show twice. She was kind enough to send me copies of all her books. Her own story with Gordon is awe-inspiring—and, equally important, valuable for anyone. Her books are about not just surviving, but flourishing in the midst of terrible tragedy. She not only gives you compassionate, loving help, but she has created resources to take you through every step of the process of being a caregiver—and receiver. She needs to be read and heard.”
~Robert Rose, PhD, Author of Creating Your Giant Self and The Complete Teacher

“From the hearts and experiences of two authors who suffered through the brain illness and death of their beloved husbands comes a valuable new book for caregivers and loved ones of dementia patients. In addition to providing a comprehensive guide to the complex medical, legal, and practical issues involved in dementia illnesses, Joni addresses the emotional upheaval of relationships affected by dementia with sensitivity and understanding, especially as it relates to a marriage. She writes, ‘The brain is complex, and the heart is fragile’—and she addresses both with intelligence and compassion.”
~Terri Corcoran, Co-editor, Mainstay; Public Relations Chair for Well Spouse™ Association

“Joni Aldrich does it again! As in her previous books, she uses her own distinct style for sharing practical knowledge. She advocates that knowing about an issue prepares and allows us to deal with it most effectively. Understanding with Compassion took me back to memories of the fear and discomfort that accompanied my own experiences with eleven members of my family and their various brain issues. With brevity, clarity, and compassion, Joni offers suggestions for exploring patient pathways towards harmony, and she also gives the caregiver insights for personal growth and understanding.
Anyone who is trying to cope with and relate to a loved one with a brain illness will find this book very helpful—before, during, and even after the experience.”
~Jack Scott, Author of Becoming I Am
(Jack and his artist wife, Emily, are the creators of DISCOVERYPath.)