Understanding with Compassion
Joni James Aldrich
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“The last weeks of Gordon’s life were spent with someone I barely knew and didn’t know how to approach. It took me two years of counseling to get through the scars. It didn’t have to be that way for me. And it certainly doesn’t have to be that way for you.”
–Joni Aldrich
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Understanding the World Through Their Eyes

About the Authors:

No matter your relationship with cancer or caregiving, Joni Aldrich is here to help. She knows that when it comes to patient care, knowledge is power. The first thing you need to know? Finding the right treatment facility and protocol is critical. She should know. After her 43-year-old husband, Gordon, was diagnosed, she discovered fighting cancer comes with a steep learning curve. Despite her background as a research analyst—and despite countless hours spent digging through tons of information—she did not discover how to effectively fight the disease until it was too late for Gordon.

Through her articles on a variety of topics related to patient care and caregiving, Joni wants you to benefit from her learning curve. That’s why she authored six books that chronicle her experiences with cancer treatment, caregiving under duress, and surviving grief. With Joni by your side, you are not alone in your battle against some of life's most difficult challenges.

Joni speaks your language. She knows what patients and caregivers need to hear and she knows how they need to hear it. Since her most traumatic caregiving experiences included caring for Gordon and her mother with metastatic brain cancer, Joni's last three books focused on help for caregivers of a brain illness patient. 

In addition to founding her own businesses--Cancer Lifeline Publications and Basket of Care--Joni is dedicated to her connection within the cancer and caregiving community. She has worked to build relationships with key organizations across America. 

With a true desire to reach out and touch others, Joni's new focus is her speaking career and media, and she now hosts three radio shows on www.W4WN.com--the Women 4 Women Network: Caregiving S.O.S., Cancer S.O.S., and Ladies Who Inspire.

Let Joni inspire you with the hard-won knowledge she learned from her own life-changing struggles. To learn more, go to www.JoniAldrich.com and www.BasketofCare.com. For information about Joni's public speaking, look up her profile on www.SpeakerMatch.com.

Neysa M. Peterson, RN, MS, has an extensive nursing and counseling background. She worked as a nurse with hospice for over twenty years and as a family counselor in private practice helping families work through relational and developmental issues. Through nine years of experience caring for her own husband, Jim, who had a degenerative brain disease, Neysa learned firsthand that people with brain illness, whatever the cause, remain capable of relationships to the end of their lives. She learned to focus by affirming and validating Jim. Neysa describes this as being a very nourishing time for her, which is a rare viewpoint under those stressful and difficult circumstances.